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    Hi. I’d appreciate feedback on my March training video…
    1) I angled the camera in a way where you can see the carabiner. Looks like I cannot go any higher than this as the the poles already got twisted when I swung overhead the left pole all around (but it got untwisted eventually). In the end, in the ankle hang part, my hair touches the mat, but not my head. Do you think I should convert to the mini-rig version, or you think this is ok (i.e doing the regular-rig version)?
    2) That footlock is really a challenge. Do point out things that I should have avoided, so that the footlock can get smoother. In this video….. it was a mess 🙁
    3) Any other comments would be appreciated.

    I find the Silks so beautiful when they look like a sail indeed. Thanks for this gorgeous sequence 🙂