30 Days to Splits Challenge

In this 4 part follow-along splits workshop, Rachel will take you through a progressive stretching series to help you achieve beautiful flat splits (front and middle) in just 30 days!

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I am feeling the same way (I need a miracle, too). I have incredibly stubborn front and side splits (i.e. no front or side splits), and I’m worried that this won’t work for me. Trying it nonetheless….maybe we need to hold some of the stretches longer?

Hi Halene! So glad you are working on the challenge 💪 Yes, feel free to hold the positions longer, particularly the straddle and front splits. Holding for time is really effective when it comes to getting those splits. You got this!

Not sure if this is “too old” to post comments on, but I have been working on this video since February. I may be getting a millimeter deeper, but I was hoping for more progress. Sometimes, I wonder if it is an “age” thing too (I am in my mid-40s and no background in gymnastics or dance. And, only started aerial about 6.5 years ago). I don’t want to make excuses, but I also want to understand why I am not progressing. Ideas?

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