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Silks Stars

Your Virtual Aerial Silks Studio

What is Silks Stars?

A fun, challenging and rewarding Aerial Silks Training System:

Monthly Aerial Silks Assessment Challenge

Every month, receive one new Aerial Silks assessment tutorial plus one supporting ground-based class

Star System Rewards + Coaching!

Earn stars by uploading your aerial videos to your unique profile, ‘unlock’ awesome aerial prizes and rewards and receive personalized feedback from Womack and Bowman!

Develop your Technique and Artistry

Expand your knowledge and technique and increase your artistry and performance quality with the Silks Stars Training System


Network and receive support and feedback from aerialists from all over the world in our engaged and passionate community forum

Silks Stars is…

Your Virtual Aerial Silks Studio:

Silks Stars is the world’s first virtual Aerial Silks studio! An empowering, playful, interactive supportive, educational and inspirational Aerial Silks hub for you to thrive as an aerial artist.

Keep track of your progress, stay accountable, get personalized coaching from Womack and Bowman and be rewarded for all your hard work by uploading your training videos and receiving stars that unlock awesome aerial prizes!

Access dozens of original and unique Aerial Silks combinations in the Silks Stars Monthly Challenge archives (included with membership).

Connect with dedicated, like-minded aerialists from all over the world, 24 hours a day in the Silks Stars Forum.

Improve your Aerial Silks technique and artistry while fueling your passion in a fun and empowering environment.




Meet the Founders

Brett Womack and Rachel Bowman are celebrated aerial performers, educators and entrepreneurs. Based out of Los Angeles the duo have performed for circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil, appeared in commercials, televisions shows and print campaigns for American Horror Story, Toyota, The Voice and Hell’s Kitchen.

Womack and Bowman are the founders of the popular aerial studio Womack and Bowman – the Loft as well as the world’s first online Aerial Silks Certification course for advanced aerial students Master the Silks.

After many years spent honing their skills as aerial choreographers and educators both online and in person, Brett and Rachel are excited to have the opportunity to connect with and mentor emerging aerialists throughout the world in a fun, fresh, engaging and accessible new way via the Silks Stars membership site!

Who Is Silks Stars For?

The Bad-Ass Student
You are an Intermediate/Advanced level aerial student, interested in fueling your passion, getting and staying motivated and expanding your vocabulary on the Aerial Silks!
The Next Big Thing
You are dreaming of and working towards becoming a professional aerialist, seeking encouragement, connection support and mentorship!
The Hungry Pro
You are a professional aerialist looking to delve deeper into your artistry, technique and Aerial Silks vocabulary as well as network with other aerialists from all around the world!  
The Seeking Sensai
You are an Aerial Silks instructor looking to expand your knowledge and stay on top of your game!!  
The Boss (Wo)man
You are a forward-thinking aerial studio owner seeking high quality Aerial Silks content (new tricks, combinations, workshops etc) for yourself and your staff

Silks Stars is for you if…

Ultimately, you are looking for a fun, fresh, affordable, motivational and inspirational new way to train and connect as well as the tools, guidance and mentorship to take your aerial skills to the next level.



Aerialists LOVE Silks Stars!:

I really enjoy the monthly challenge! It pushes me to do my best. I also watch other members videos and learn from them. Now I see better results!”

– Laura Pezzini

It’s wonderful to watch Rachel and Brett build stronger, more graceful, and more exciting aerialists “virtually”.  It takes a special coach to be able to connect virtually and you two have done just that! Thanks for all that you do for the aerial community.  You guys are the BEST!”

– Sherry Winslow

“I really enjoy the motivation from the monthly challenges!! It is also fun watching the monthly challenge videos and Live Q&As from you guys and being able to interact with the other Silks Stars members!

– Auriol Steel

Having a specific goal every month and being able to obtain feedback on that goal has been amazing!… Now I am extremely motivated. I look forward to the challenge every month!”

– Danielle Bayliss

I love the monthly challenges. It keeps me accountable. I just love everything you guys teach!

– Tracy Miller

Are you ready to be a Silks Star?

Join the Silks Stars Waitlist!

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  • 25 + Aerial Silks ‘Foundational’ video tutorials
  • Access to the past 46 months of challenge combination video tutorials, workout classes and flexibility challenges
  • 1 new Aerial Silks challenge combination video tutorial each month
  • 1 new Aerial Silks ground workout class each month
  • 1 monthly Silks Stars assessment from Womack and Bowman
  • 1 monthly LIVE Q & A with Womack and Bowman and guest instructors
  • Access to the world wide Silks Stars community networking forum


Upload your monthly challenge combination video to earn Stars, receive personalized feedback and unlock awesome aerial prizes!




Have Questions? See Below For a List of FAQ’S



Q) I am super excited about joining Silks Stars but I only have access to a mini rig (10 feet) right now. Will I still be able to do the monthly challenges and classes?

A) The short answer is; Yes! MOST of the combinations and exercises taught in Silks Stars will have modifications for lower rig points. There are a few specific drops that do require more height but you wont be penalized for making modifications (meaning you can still earn 5 stars, even with height restrictions).

Q) When I sign up for Silks Stars, will I have access to a lot of tutorials right away or will I have to wait?

A) When you register for Silks Stars you will have INSTANT access to over 25 foundational Aerial Silks tutorials that you can begin studying and working on right away as well as the current months Challenge Combination and corresponding class AND all of the past 41 months of Silks Stars content.

Q) Is it difficult to earn stars? I’m worried that my training videos wont be good enough and I wont earn stars or unlock any prizes!

A) Once you join Silks stars you will receive a PDF document that explains exactly what you need to do to earn each star. It’s not as difficult a you might think, in fact you will earn one star just by submitting your challenge video each month!

Q) I like the idea of earning stars for submitting my training videos but I’m not a competitive person. Can I still be a part of Silks Stars if I don’t upload my training videos and don’t receive stars?

A) Absolutely! The Star System is a motivational tool designed to help you work towards a goal (achieving stars and unlocking prizes) but you can still work on the combinations, post in the forum and participate in the monthly Q & A sessions without uploading your training videos. If and when you decide that you are ready to post your videos you can keep them private so no one else in the community can see your work.

Q) I am excited to join Silks Stars but I don’t have access to an aerial point right now, will I be able to join next month when my studio is open again?

A) Registration for Silks Stars is open for a limited time. This is to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality of customer service and continuing, personalized group coaching as students work on the same challenge combination together each month. Silks Stars will reopen again at a later date but the price may be increased and the content will likely be different at that time.

Q) What kind of prizes can I expect to ‘unlock’ when I earn stars?

A) Great question! We are super excited about the Silks Stars prizes you will be unlocking as you upload your challenge videos and receive stars for your efforts. Prizes primarily consist of video workshops such as bonus trick tutorials, performance workshops, pro-tips and aerial ‘hacks’ to help you become the best aerialist you can be as well as awesome Silks Stars swag!