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May 2022

Challenge #21: Salto Catch to Single Knee Belay

April 2022

Challenge #20: Knee Tangle to Cartwheel Star

March 2022

Challenge #19: Uneven Split Cocoon into Ankle Hang Sail Spin

February 2022

Challenge #18: Eggbeater Straddle Back to Ankle Dive

January 2022

Challenge #17: Hallelujah Drop to Bow & Arrow

December 2021

Challenge #16: Angel Rollups to Brandon Belay

November 2021

Challenge #15: Rebecca Drop to Belay Wheeldown

October 2021

Challenge #14: Straddle Thread into Crunchy Knee Catch

September 2021

Challenge #13: Kimono Split to Body Belay

August 2021

Challenge #12: Waterfall Slack-Drop to Goddess Throne