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February 2023

Challenge #30: Explosive Split to Peter Pan Arabesque

January 2023

Challenge #29: Sleeping Beauty to Handstand Single Knee Slide

December 2022

Challenge #28: Jump Rope Jazz to Butterfly Wings

November 2022

Challenge #27: Front Cross Belay to Split Waterfall

October 2022

Challenge #26: Starfish Roll Out to Tik Tok

September 2022

Challenge #25: Reverse Kip-Up to Floating Cartwheel

August 2022

Challenge #24: Single-Arm to Stand-Out Star Drop

July 2022

Challenge #23: Double Fancy Feet to Falling Angel Foot Hang

June 2022

Challenge #22: Sioux Sioux to Zig Zag Beat Release

May 2022

Challenge #21: Salto Catch to Single Knee Belay