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July 2024

Challenge #47: Catch ‘n Weave to Salto, Archer and Knee Belay

June 2024

Challenge #46: Sailboat Split to Triple Drop Combo

May 2024

Challenge #45: One Arm Handstand to Triangle Split Roll Out

April 2024

Challenge #44: Slack Drag Arabesque to Pop and Lock Belay

March 2024

Challenge #43: Spinning Break Dancer into Jump Rope Slack Drop Wheeldown

February 2024

Challenge #42: Cupid Shuffle to Opposite Side Star

January 2024

Challenge #41: Back Dive to Chair Sit into Bow Balance

December 2023

Challenge #40: One Hook Wonder to Crazy Drop

November 2023

Challenge #39: Double Pencil Drop to Split Mermaid Tumble

October 2023

Challenge #38: Spool Drop to Single Knee Hang