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Here is where I am currently with this challenge. Would LOVE some feedback on how I can improve! One question I have is in the arched pose with the feet up and in between the poles, it looks like Sarah’s feet are together and that is so much prettier than my separated feet but I feel like I need to ouch out on the poles to be secure. How can I improve this? Also, I feel very clunky on the push back before the knee hang. I understand Sarah’s body is perfection and I have given birth to 4 children 🤣 , but any suggestions on how to get these breeder hips through any better? 🤣 Last question… for now 😜, can I get some tips on getting out of last split better. Mine looks a little struggly, OH and I second the request of a way to walk this drop down. Going to try to get home early enough to join Q & A, but wanted to leave questions here just in case I don’t get home in time. THANK YOU!