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I love Sarah’s drop choreo, did it today and it is exciting! I love the crochet hands entry in cross back and I love the skin the cat exit also. Both I cannot master yet, work in progress, but I would love to learn this. And I love the sternum tip, giving length to the upperbody really makes a difference.

Some questions:

Eggbeater Straddle Back to Ankle Hang
1) How can I start the drop moving forwards?
(my leg should remain piked, my hands are on my legs, so what gives leverage to start dropping forward? My shoulders are heavy,
so if I bent my body/head forward, it is not enough momentum to start dropping forwards. Tips?
2) can you demo the alternative exit after the drop (without the skin the cat)?
3) is there a way to train the skin the exit without having to do the whole drop?
4) Any tips on the crochet hands into cross back straddle, my shoulders get stuck (had same fight last month 😉 ).
5) What will happen if by accident you drop backwards instead of forwards?

Straddle Back to Knee Hang (mini-rig)
1) half the time when I step in after the eggbeater, I step my foot only partly in, e.g. stuck toes, etc. Any tips?
2) The exit to split at the end, I have problems doing this controlled (tend to look the wrong site). Tips?
3) if I invert to cross back straddle, the poles never go over my hip/bum, and I have to pull it down with my hand. that is not looking nice. Tips to get it one go?