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    Great – I’ve had a second look through the replay. And thanks again for the Q&A, I find them really useful. I do still have some questions that weren’t answered (or I couldn’t find it):
    – Early in the sequence after you loop the silks around your feet and move to the straddle – what are the cues/hints/tips/sequence for rotating back to upright in the straddle? Rachel kindly talked in the Q&A about how it’s precarious so I’ve been practicing that bit lots including down low. I’ve been trying to come up with even hips as discussed in Q&A too, but that’s not really my challenge. My challenge is getting it to tip back upright at all. I feel like arching my lower back and poking my bum out helps a little. But hard to figure out the balance of where my legs should be in the split before and as I’m tipping upright and what the cues are for tipping. Could you have a look at my vid and see if you have any hints/cues? It looks so effortless when Rachel does it!
    – Pagoda/Scorpian to ankle hang – I’m pulling to get a good back arch and then loosening (as discussed in Q&A) and trying to quickly drop. But it’s still sticking. Have I understood correctly? Can you have a look at my vid to see if you have any hints?
    _ Rachel does a double cross back in the demos on the Q&A – can we do that, what are the advantages?
    Thanks so much, and thanks for your patience as I try and get this.