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Hello, and Happy New Year!

This was my first official challenge, and the struggle was real! Hopefully you can see my video below. (I’m not sure anyone was able to see my previous attempt.) Anyhoo, I lost a lot of time in the past ten days to injury and then to rain, so this was my last chance to get something on the record books. This was my best attempt, although some things were better in previous attempts. Enjoy the extraneous noise of birds and airplanes in the “soundtrack”!

A couple of notes: 1) I can seem to do OK in the angel rollups from the ground (see bonus video at end), but when I attempt them in the sequence, I never seem to be wrapped right. Am I doing something differently? 2) I didn’t attempt beats today because I pulled a hamstring during a previous beats to inversion attempt. 3) I guess I forgot how to exit the belay. Oooops!

Angel rollups have been on my bucket list for a while, so this was a good challenge to make me work on them. Thanks, and great job everyone! <3