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    Hi there! I would love any feedback/tips on my attempts so far – two different videos combined because I’m not super comfortable doing the angel roll up higher yet. I definitely need to work on keeping my core tight and arm parallel to the ground during the roll up, but two other things I can’t quite figure out are:
    1) why do the leg wraps get so high as I roll? I always feel like they’re too tight and have to adjust them down before I can roll again.
    2) how can I control the roll down better? I know Brandon mentions aiming for a back bend and dragging the leg behind in the Q&A, which I will definitely try if I can get into the studio again, but any extra tips for helping with the “fear factor” would be really appreciated! It feels so much more unstable on the way down.

    Also, in the belay entry, I’m finding I get a good beat but then lose it or sort of get stuck right at the top and end up coming through the silks in slow motion. Am I missing something?

    Thank you so much 🥰