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    Angel roll ups are in my list of aerial goals and I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive coaching!
    I think I understand the mechanics of the rolls but I feel I am not strong enough for it. My “weaker” side is a no go and with my “stronger” arm, I can barely make it to a full roll, need to spot with the other hand, and feel that I sink into the shoulder.

    – Are there any progressions one should first train before safely attempting one full roll?
    – Do you have suggestions regarding strengthening exercices/drills that would help?

    The inversion from the beats also gives me major difficulties. I find it hard to maintain my body lifted keeping tension with the tails while building up enough momentum to invert. I am slowly sinking in the wraps, which makes it impossible to invert.
    Any advices on this?

    Thank you for your much needed help 😁😊