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    [Nerd alert!] Thanks Elleb! Great point! I can only talk about my experience… When I first learned the angel rollups I thought the wrap placement on the leg had to always be above the knee for it to work… that s how I was taught… and the first 10-20 times I tried lots of different placements to find out which alignment works the best for my body. I found out through my experimentation that it depends on a lot of things… on the type of silk, the distance to the rigging point, how high I wrap around my arm, how high around the leg, the inclination of the body… Now I am a bit less concerned about where it lands on the leg, and in the above video in fact it is actually rolling just on top of the knee (though I did readjust it a bit). I would suggest that you play with it and find what works for u. Angel roll ups are hard! Patience is key. Seen from the mechanics point of view… the further away the contact points, the more core, upper body, hips and leg engagement you will need to hold your body in between… so yes, I think it makes it a bit easier when u start with the wrap above the knee but u then might need to adjust it before sinking into the angel or try from a different entry that allows u to better control where the wraps land. I used to play a lot with leaving some slack before wrapping the arm to control how horizontal my body was in the starting position. Not so pretty and the danger is that you might fall as you are wrapping with the extra slack… but it adds some feeedom to explore. Also the material of the silk plays a role… if u have a stretchier material then wrapping all the way up is better… if it’s however non stretch then maybe u could play with wrapping a bit less tight around the arm so that your body lands more horizontal. Sorry for the philosophy and the long message! I am actually very curious about what Brandon will say about your points. Because his strength and back flexibility are incredible! Super human incredible! Looking fw to the session tomorrow!