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      Adi Rose

      Hi There! I have a pretty major tear in my silks and need to order new ones. my question is – how much tail do you recommend adding to the silks beyond the height of the rigging point?
      I noticed that my silks are too long for my 20FT rig and it sometimes make it more challenging to spin or showcase the silks, because the tail is heavy and lays twisted on the ground.

      would love your advice!

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      Silks Stars Team

      Hi Adi! The amount of tail you choose to have is personal for most aerialists. Some people prefer to work with less in order to keep it easier to manage. We prefer about 5-6 feet of excess tail in order to have plenty of room for specific drops/combos that utilize the tails. I hope that helps!

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      Adi Rose

      It does! thank you : )

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