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      Nick L

      Hi everyone! Excited to be here and looking forward to training (virtually) with you all. Love seeing everyone’s photos!

      I thought it’d be fun to start a thread of intro’s so we can meet each other! I’ll start us off?

      😀 Name / pro-nouns: Nick, he/him/his
      🌃 Location: Los Angeles, CA
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks
      👨‍💻 Insta: @nloui

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      Silks Stars Team

      Thanks Nick, what a great idea! We are looking forward to learning more about you all!

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      Hi, I’m Leanna! Definitely looking forward to training with you all virtually, I love this opportunity!

      Here’s my info, following Nick’s idea!

      Name: Leanna Diane
      Location: Scottsdale, AZ
      Main Apparatus: silks & hammock
      Insta: @skydanceaerialist

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      Hi everyone! Excited to have a chance to train virtually with everyone. The pandemic hit right after I had my first child, so training has been a “no-go” for a while. This will be a great opportunity for safe coaching and helpful feedback!

      Here’s my info:

      Name: Angie Prescott
      Location: College Park, MD
      Main Apparatus: Silks & Lyra (also a hand balancer & stacking chairs performer)
      Insta: @angz415

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      Hi everyone,
      I really enjoyed the Emerge workshop that Womack and Bowman did a few months ago, I love watching all you beautiful aerialists! I’m excited to train with you virtually.

      Name: Keelie
      Location: Las Vegas, NV
      Main apparatus: Silks and sometimes Lyra
      Insta: @60yroldacrobat

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      Hi Everyone!! So excited for all of this content we will be getting and for the opportunity to meet new aerialists along the way.

      Name: Tracy
      Location: Oakland, CA
      Main apparatus: Silks
      Insta: @fabricaerial

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      Hello ! Excited for more training motivations and connecting with the circus community

      Name: Shirley
      Location: Singapore
      Main apparatus: mainly Silks and sometimes lyra
      Insta: @shirleyaerialist

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      Hi everyone. I was off the saddle since March lacking equipment and space, but I’ve now figured out both and am motivated to learn in a different way and meet people in this community along the way.
      📛Name: Victor S
      🇨🇦Location: Toronto, Canada
      🙃Main apparatus: Silks
      📷Insta: @v1ct0r523t0

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      Hello everyone!
      Thanks to Brett and Rachel for creating this space 🙂

      📛 Name: Arlin (mom, she, her)
      🇮🇩Location: Bandung, Indonesia
      🙃Main apparatus: Silks
      📷Insta: @thelostgeek

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      Silks Stars Team

      Thanks for sharing, it is wonderful to meet you all! Welcome to Silks Stars!

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      I am extremely excited to be able to take this course!

      Name: Maria Pia O.
      Location: Virginia
      Main Apparatus: Silks
      Insta: @moral162

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      I am looking forward to training togather. My name is Dominika, but you can call me Niksa. I am based in Poland and we are forutnate to have opened most of the regular classes now (in principle). My main prop are silks, but I also do lyra (also in duo) and a little bit of static trapeze. My instagram is: aerial_poetry_niksa

      Stay safe

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      Hi y’all! This is such a fun opportunity. I’ve been training irregularly since March and I’m excited to have some kind of structure to feel like I’m still improving rather than just maintaining.

      Name: Alyssa
      Location: Asheville, NC
      Main Apparatus: Silks
      Insta: @abelcher22

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      Hello, lovely people! I am excited to be back in the air at long last with you all 🙂 I enjoyed the Emerge training from a few months ago, finally managed to get myself a rig after long last, and am excited to learn some things new things. I am curious to see what monthly challenges are planned for the winter months (kind of intrigued by what creativity I will need to continue flying with a rig during Michigan winter), and what new workouts/stretches there may be that may help me actually get some semblance of splits or straighter legs 😛
      😀 Name / pro-nouns: Halene (phonetically: ‘huh-lene’), she/her/hers
      🌃 Location: Ann Arbor, MI
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks and lyra
      👨‍💻 Insta: @ladystratosphere, but nothing on it at the moment…I’m late to the game

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      Hey everyone! I am so excited to start this course with all of you! Thanks Brett and Rachel 🙂
      Name: Erin
      Location: Alberta, Canada
      Main Apparatus: Silks, lyra and trapeze… can’t pick one!
      Insta: @miss_erinn

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      My island doesn’t have an aerial studio (yet), and I’ve been without a mentor for several years now. So I’m always looking forward to and waiting for Brett and Rachel’s beautiful informative videos.
      And I’m stoked to be able to learn virtually with all of you. Mahalo Brett & Rachel!
      Name: Maya
      Location: Kauai, Hawaii
      Main Apparatus: Silks & Pole
      Insta: kauai.pueo.aerialist

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      Hi everyone! 😀

      I’ve been on aerial hiatus since March. Because my SO is immunocompromised, I wasn’t able to train at any studio until I recently ordered a rig and moved into an elementary school gym-turned-apartment! (Score!!)
      So ready to fly again! 🙂

      Name: Monica (she/her/hers)
      Location: St. Louis, Missouri
      Main Apparatus: Silks
      Insta: @monichachacha

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      Brandi L Wines

      Hey I’m Brandi Wines. I’m super excited to be starting this program. I got to do AIRise last year with Womack and Bowman. Look forward to this aerial community
      Name: Brandi
      Location: Orlando, Florida but will be in Auckland, New Zealand till the new year.
      Main Apparatus: Lyra but love training Silks.
      Insta: @brandiwines

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        I’m in Gainesville FL! Super close! (Except for you being in New Zealand right now lol!)

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      Hey everyone!

      My name is Rainy!
      I live in Gainesville Florida
      My main apparatus is silks
      My insta is @rainybluebarton
      Excited to connect with everyone!

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      Hey there,

      My name is Lena and I fell in love with Silks 2016 and I am still loving it! Unfortunately I only have access to a rig once a week and have to switch between Hammock (my second love) and Silks. But I will try to keep up and can’t wait to see your beautiful videos <3 I am used to train alone and I don’t like it, thats why I am really happy about this virtual classes.
      Location: Nuremberg, Germany
      Main Apparatus: Silks, Hammock, Pole, Hands,…. EVERYTHING AERIAL 😀
      Insta: @lenaintheair_

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      Hey everyone, it’s nice to meet you all 🙂 I’m Alana (she/her), and I signed up for this program as a way to add some structure/direction to my aerial practice.

      My primary apparatuses are silks and rope.
      I call Alberta, Canada home.
      On the ‘gram I go by @spottedalanasawyer


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      Hi all 👋🏻

      🤩 Name / pro-nouns: Steph(anie), she/her
      ✋🏻Location: Ann Arbor, MI
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Lyra, static trapeze (I think I may be an outcast here 😬)
      👩🏼‍💻Insta: @flying.steph.catfriend

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      Hi I’m Laura!!
      I’ve fallen in love with silks about 4 years ago, I’m seroiusly obsessed ahah-
      I’ve never attempted double star drop, I can do the easier single star, open star, but never tried double so I don’t know if I’ll do this monthly challenge. The roof at the studio here is about 16 feet, don’t know if it’s enough… the truth is I’m a chicken
      Name: Laura
      Location: Italy
      main apparatus: silk, hoop

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      Hi, I’m Hila!

      Thank you so much for starting this thread, what a great idea! Great to meet everyone!

      I got hooked one day when I happened to turn the wrong way after getting a pedicure and saw Rachel teaching a bunch of kids through a window. I took the last spot in the only adult class the studio offered (which happened to be an advanced silks class, haha). This was some years back soon after having a baby, and I’m super happy to be working with Rachel and Brett again!

      Other than this, I live a very full life–5 fish, 2 kids (now home schooling), 2 cats, 1 husband, 1 mouse, 1 full time job (Public Health/Safety position at an Aerospace company), 1 college course….

      Location: Los Angeles, CA by way of Italy and Israel

      Main Apparatus: Hoop

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      I’m so glad you took that wrong turn Hila! 🌟 Welcome to Silks Stars!

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      Aloha everyone,

      My name is Jolene. I’m so excited to meet and be training with you all, even virtually. This online community and resource is such a godsend for me during this time. We are under a serious lock down in Hawaii and I’m very much missing my aerial comrades.

      Aerial Goals: to learn more about performance – char building, choreography, and flows to make a stellar performance.

      Be well and be safe!

      Name: Jolene, J, Jolie
      Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
      Apparatus: silks and duo Lyra/hammock
      IG: @hi.tokyorose

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      Hi flyers!
      I’m Jenny. I am so happy to meet you all. I took the Emerge workshop and gained so much inspiration and motivation from the online aerial community! Looking forward to training with you all.

      Name: Jenny she/her
      Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
      Apparatus: lyra, Silks
      Insta: jenny_wright179

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      Hi Everyone!
      I’m really looking forward to this. Thanks for the wonderful community.
      Name: Kelsey (she/her)
      Location: Colorado at the moment
      Apparatus: Silks & Rope mostly
      Insta: @flying_bells

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      Hello Everyone,
      Excited to join you in virtual aerial😄

      Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
      Main Apparatus: Silks, Sling, Lyra, Trapeze.
      Insta: @kendell.mac

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      Hi, I’m Renee

      I did Emerge and loved it and am super excited for this course!
      I am in New Zealand, but in our city we don’t have any instructors teaching my level, I travel a lot for training but love how I can do more and more online

      Location: South Island, NZ
      Apparatus: Silks, Pole & would like to do more rope.

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      Hey all! I guess my previous post didn’t go through.
      One of the dude silk ppl on here – been doing it for 5 years now and looking forward to meeting new people and learning new combos!

      Name: Luke
      Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
      IG: @LukePk
      YouTube: InstrumentManiac

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      Hola !!! estoy super emocionada por seguir aprendiendo y estar dentro de esta comunidad!!!

      Nombre: Karina
      Ubicación: La Paz, Baja California Sur, México
      Insta: @dkcn1104
      Aparato: Seda, Aro y Pole

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      Hi everyone!! Super excited for this virtual community – been really missing my silks community in NYC during the pandemic. I fell in love with silks in 2014, and have been training to varying degrees since then. I bought an 11 foot rig in March and have been using it to keep up my strength and play with sequences that don’t require much height. Excited to learn some new repertoire and continue training!

      Name: Ashley
      Location: Brooklyn/Catskills, NY
      Insta: @Ashley.rose.b
      Apparatus: Silks

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      Hello! I’m Holly and am excited for motivation and direction. I know things but need to learn how to create and not be so dogmatic. Looking forward to working with you all!!

      Location: MI
      Apparatus: Silks with a side of Rope and Straps

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      Hey everyone! I’m so excited about every aspect of this online community: the people from all over the world, the content, the stars, all of it! I’ve switched from training in studios surrounded by supportive friends and instructors with lots of knowledge, to training on my own in my backyard (battling lots of FL heat and rain recently). It’s been a struggle to say the least, so I’ll take all of the motivation, accountability, structure, and peer support that I can get at this point haha 😛 I took the Emerge workshop during quarantine, and it was so much fun and so inspiring! Rachel and Brett are so good at explaining and making you forget that you’re not there in their studio. I want to recommend to anyone transitioning to learning online for the first time like I was: watch the videos many times, in slow motion even, and take A LOT of very detailed notes before trying the trick on your own. I found not having the instructor physically there when you’re trying a trick for the first time is much less difficult this way. Start a physical/digital folder or notebook now! Happy flying my fellow silk stars! <3

      Name: Kittie (she/her)
      Location: St. Pete, Florida, US
      Apparatus: silks mainly, also lyra and rope
      IG: kittiekittie.bangbang

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        Silks Stars Team

        Thanks Kittie, we are excited to work with you again!

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      Hi! My name is Cathy. I’ve been meaning to get to the Loft sometime, but haven’t made it yet. Been locked down here since March, but I’m lucky to have a rig in my back yard! Been having virtual meet ups with my aerial pals…we can’t practice in the same space, but we can still practice together.

      Name: Cathy
      Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
      Apparatus: Silks

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      Hi everyone! I’m late to this thread, but it’s nice to meet you all (and nice to see some familiar faces!)

      Name: Auriol (real name) or Ariel (social media)
      Location: Eastvale, CA (about an hour southeast of Los Angeles)
      Main Apparatus: Silks (but I dabble in rope, trapeze)
      Insta: @ariel_steel

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      Hello everyone! I’m so excited to train with you all!

      😀 Name / pro-nouns: Ashanti / she, her
      🌃 Location: Greensboro, NC
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks & pole (and a bit of lyra and trapeze)
      👨‍💻 Insta: @aerialashanti

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      Hello you beautiful people. Really nice to meet and train with all of you!
      I am a rock climber who realized that aerials are more inspiring and less painful.
      Thanks to Brett and Rachel for teaching us!
      Insta @shellymalkin

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      Hi, I’m Coco and ready to get back on the wagon… or horse… or silks!

      I loved the emerge workshop and can’t wait to learn more from W&B!

      Name: Coco
      Pronouns: She/Her
      Location: Denver, CO
      Main Squeeze: Silks and Rope (but dabble in all).
      Insta: @coco.cirque

    • #1332

      Miss you Coco!! Love that you’re on here with us 🙂

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      Hi. I look forward to flying with you all.
      Name- Janice
      Location- Manila, Philippines
      Apparatus- Silks (only).

      I enjoyed the “Emerge” Workshops in May 2020. I also got my “Master The Silks” certificate last July 2020.

      Without Brett and Rachel… I would go insane this year.

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        Yey Janice hello <3

      • #1374

        Eiz!!! I am so happy to see you here. Silks classmates in Emerge…. and now this 🙂

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      Hello everybody!
      I am very excited about this fantastic initiative and I look forward to deepening my silks practice through this virtual platform. I started practising silks in September 2019 (1 year now) and have never stopped ever since. Brett and Rachel, you are my biggest inspiration and motivation on social media. I love and study every single post you make on facebook. Thanks for sharing with such generosity!

      Name: Yvan
      Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
      Main Apparatus: Silks
      Facebook: Yvan LP (no insta here, sorry!)

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      Hi Everyone, I’m from CA – LA – Germany; My village lets me us the gym to train and teach but it’s been closed due to COVID so I’m very out of shape but excited for this great opportunity. Nice to meet everyone.
      😀 Name /Amy Cassidy
      🌃 Location: Frankfurt, Germany
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks & Lyra
      👨‍💻 Insta: @engineeringaerialist

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      Hi everyone! Glad to be here! I started out with pole and eventually came to love aerial silks, so I have been mostly doing self training since learning how to do some basics. I was part of the Emerge workshops and I certainly enjoyed everything about it even though it was quite challenging for me. I look forward to this program, already I had picked up a lot of pointers with the double star drop! Thank you Rachel and Brett for making this possible!

      Name: Eiza
      Location: Manila, Philippines
      Preferred apparatus: Pole, silks, a little hammock
      IG: pole.aerial.eiz

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      Silks Stars Team

      Wonderful, welcome everyone!

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      Hi friends! I’m Amy, I live in the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ. I’ve been enjoying silks, lyra or trapeze fo about 5 years now, minus the last 6 months, when the only training I made time for was the Emerge workshop. I hardly even did any of Rachel and Brett’s Aerial Powerhouse training, I have been so yucky busy at work. It’s thrilling to have a focus now for monthly training—thanks you two!!

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      G’day everyone,

      I’m Vanessa (from Poland). I’m living in Cologne, Germany, right now, enjoying the last sunny days outside doing a little bit of outdoor silks training 🙂 My aerial journey startet about a year and half ago and I got completely addicted to it, which is quite funny, since I have never done much sports, but well, we will all get there eventually 🙂
      I got really interested in SilkStars because of its focus on choreography/performance. The aerial silk courses I’ve visited consisted of a new move each time, maybe a little combination, that you practised once and forgot about straight after. That’s what got me into pole, where we have an instructor who focuses a lot on perfecting moves and even dancing them to music. I was trying to do the same during my own training on the silks, but it turned out to be much harder than I thought (esp. compared to pole, where you dont get entangled and you’re not working with an appartatus that sometimes seems to have its own mind), which is why I was so excited to read up about SilkStars. Thanks for this great opportunity!

      Name: Vanessa
      Location: Cologne, Germany
      Preferred apparatus: SILKS, (flying) pole
      IG: airlerina

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      Hello everybody! I’m Susi (Susana) I’m turning 48 next 29th and I’m passionate about aerials.My first aerial love was lira but then I found silks and my heart just grow bigger ♥ I’m feeling like a child here, so excited, happy and nervous to join this community! I promise I’ll do my best and hope we all can achieve new and great goals with these amazing professionals teaching and inspiring us! Send you tons of love and gratitude!

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      😀 Name / pro-nouns: Megan She/Her
      🌃 Location: Tyngsboro, MA -Soon to be Canterbury, NH – Previously St. Louis, MO
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks

      I’m excited to be a part of this program and working with so many talented aerialists!

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      Hi! A little late to the intro side of things

      I fell in love with silks a couple of years ago after doing pole for about a year first. I found aerials after a few years teaching/performing rope (Japanese, not aerial ropes) around Australia and overseas. I love the connection and transition I have found from this to silks.

      Looking forward to getting to be a part of this virtual community 💕

      Name: Kylie
      Location: Aus
      Preferred App: silks, pole comes in second place.
      IG: aerial_laced

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      Hi all! I subscribed to silks stars and then my work got so busy – so I’m excited to be joining in a bit late. My name is Sara – and I love all things aerial – silks, sling, and rope mostly though! I was training a lot on my rig, but now our studio (I’m a co-owner) in the small town of Grass Valley, CA allowed gyms to reopen – so we are now teaching very small/masks worn classes for students. I feel like my own practice and progression has been lacking since March, so I’m very excited to delve into these fun challenges and connect with you all!

    • #1817

      Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier – guess I’m not always socially conscious ;( Anyway, I’m thrilled to be here and included in the class. Thank you for creating Silks Stars!

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      Silks Stars Team

      Welcome to our new Silks Stars members, we are so happy you are here! Please take a moment to introduce yourself below!

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      Hello everyone, excited to meet so many fellow aerialists. I was an aerial teacher and performer for a few years but after lockdown in March I took a step back and went back to performing touring circus again as of June, no regrets but I do miss everyone. I love seeing people grow and do things they are so passionate about. I look forward to training with you all. Thank you

      Name / pro-nouns: Nerina she/her
      Location: U.K. (based mainly in London and Birmingham but I travel around a lot)
      Main Apparatus: Silks and chains
      Insta: @nenedhel.absynthium

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      Silks Stars Team

      Amazing! Welcome Nerina, let us know if you have any questions as you look around the site. We look forward to seeing your work!

    • #2995

      Hi everyone!
      I’m new here ☺️
      I’m Elisa from Italy and I am an aerial school owner.
      I’m here to get inspired and challenge myself.
      Thank you and nice to meet so many passionate aerialists! 🤩

      • #2997
        Silks Stars Team

        Hi Elisa, welcome to Silks Stars! We look forward to helping you get inspired and challenge yourself. Let us know if you have any questions as you look around the site. Happy training!

    • #3063

      Name/pronouns: Sarah, she/her
      Location: NYC
      Primary apparatus: silks & rope

      My beforetimes studios (I was an advanced student) have been closed since March, one of them semi-permanently. I have a friend with a silks point in her props warehouse, so I’ve been back in the air since September, but only once a week, and mostly focused on regaining strength, and coaching the friend, who was a newer student and still mastering more basic skills. (I’m not teaching her anything new so much as giving her pointers and encouragement on skills she was taught but had not yet mastered in the beforetimes.) I’m excited to work on new combinations again. I tried the mini-rig bonus challenge last week, and was surprised by how quickly I got tired stringing just a couple of things together. Clearly I need to work on my endurance!

      • #3069
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome Sarah, we are so glad are here! Thats awesome that you have access to a point during this challenging time… We look forward to seeing your work. Let us know if you have any questions as you look around the site.

    • #3152

      Hi! Unfortunately I had three weeks break due to lockdown, but I dedicated this time to go through my best Aerial moments. One of them is a silks performance you can see here:

      Let me know what you think!

      • #3157
        Silks Stars Team

        Hi Niksa, sorry to hear the lockdowns have kept you from flying. This is a beautiful performance, thank you for sharing!

    • #3160

      Hey everyone! I’m so excited to me joining this group and can’t wait to train with you all, see your videos, and learn a ton.

      I started my aerial journey in March of 2018 in Montevideo, Uruguay and was instantly hooked! Recently I’ve moved back to Minneapolis and I’ve been training again, taking classes (when not in lockdown), and connecting with other people passionate about aerial.

      Name: John / Johnny / Johna (he/him)
      Location: Minneapolis, MN
      Preferred App: silks, lyra, sling
      IG: johnnyangel_90

      • #3165
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Johnny, we are looking forward to working with you!

    • #3169

      Hi all, I’m Elaina and I recently moved from Colorado to Washington. All the studios here are still shut down because of the pandemic so I’ve been training without a coach. It’ll be good to get some guidance and feedback again. I’ve been doing silks for about 3 years, and lyra and straps for about a year. Thanks for offering a virtual place for us to learn.
      IG @aerial.elaina

      • #3170
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Elaina, we are looking forward to working with you!

    • #3195

      Hello everyone! I’m Cameron Shim. I am from Orange County, CA. I’ve be doing silks for 3 years and my instagram handle is @canu_camcam90 Outside of silks I am a dance instructor at Orange County School of the Arts and I am a former parade performer at the Disneyland Resort (hopefully one day all the parade performers will be back).

      Super excited to be here!

      • #3204
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Cameron! We are looking forward to working with you 🤩

    • #3307

      Hey there! I am so excited to be a part of Silks Stars. I am a hairstylist by day, aerial instructor at night. Most of the time I play with straight silks, sling and rope. Sometimes I dabble with trapeze and lyra as well. I’ve been practicing aerial for almost 9 years now and teaching for 3 years. Since I started teaching 5-6 days a week, I’ve noticed that I don’t get much time to practice and explore for myself. I’m hoping with this program and the community of supportive aerialist it has brought together, I will be able to rediscover the student and performer in me! I look forward to chatting and getting to know all of you!

      Name: Cassi Rowlett…last name due to change in May 🥰
      Location: Marietta, GA
      Preferred app: Straight silks
      IG: @cheeky_southern and @CassiRowlett (general account)

      • #3309
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Casi! We are so excited you are here and look forward to working with you! 🎪💪

    • #3629

      Hi Everyone ! I’m Manon. I’m originally from Québec, Canada. But I’ve been in the USA for quite a while now. I’m presently in Vermont but will move in Pennsylvania in June. I discovered Aerial Silks a little bit over a year ago and have been in love with it ever since. I really enjoyed this new community and the opportunity to learn something new every month. I’m also very grateful that you provide an option for those of us who just have access to a mini-rig. Mine doesn’t allow drops. I hope you will continue to give us sequences without drops.

      Name : Manon ( she/her )
      Location : Vermont
      Apparatus : Silks and Hammock
      Instagram : manonroberge4

      • #3635
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome Manon! We are so happy to have you in the Silks Stars community! Yes we intend to continue offering Mini Rig Challenge combinations each month ✨💪 Happy training!

    • #3750

      Hi everyone! I have been doing aerials for about 8 years and fell in love with it! I am originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada but moved to Regina, Saskatchewan about 4 years ago. There was no silks in Regina so had to take a couple of years off. I am now instruction so I signed up to silksstars for me time and to challenge myself!
      Name: Ellen
      Location: Regina, Canada
      Apparatus: Silks
      Insta: eplem25

      • #3758
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Ellen! There are lots of super fun combo’s here to keep you inspired and challenged, looking forward to seeing your work!

    • #3767

      Hello everyone! I’m Chris. Just posted my first video! So nervous about it! Excited to learn some fresh material and meet so many awesome people though.

      Name / pro-nouns: Chris/ dealer’s choice, you decide! I don’t care
      Location: Oakland, CA
      Main Apparatus: Not sure anymore….at the moment top 3 are Silks, Hammock, and Chains
      Insta: @chrisbramaniquinn

      • #3768
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Chris!Congrats on posting your first video, we look forward to seeing your work!

    • #3812

      Hello, Silks Stars family! I’m so glad to take part of this community of talented artists. I started my practice about 5 years ago and fell in love with its many challenges. I love how it challenges my athleticism and fitness level. Thank you all for your encouragement and support… so much positivity in a time so desperately needed.

      Name: Melissa
      Location: Fort Wayne, IN.
      Main Apparatus: Silks, Hammock/Sling, Lyra
      Insta: @aerial_nurse_mom

      • #3826
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome to Silks Stars Melissa, we are so happy to have you with us!

    • #5981

      Hi! I’m Christine from Spanish Fort, Alabama. Started training aerial silks with an instructor in 2019. Played with hammock a year before that. Bought my own rig in ‘20. There’s nothing I enjoy more other than my kids, husband, sailing and music! And my cat!

      Insta: chriskers
      Apparatus: silks, hammock, Lyra

    • #6421
      Silks Stars Team

      Welcome to Silks Stars!

    • #6535

      Hi! I’m Erica and I have been training in aerial for about a year now. I know that’s not very long but I am very passionate about aerial and silks specifically. I am excited to see how this program and community help me grow in my practice. I also train Lyra. IG: erica_aerial

    • #7158

      Hi silks stars! I am out of range most of the time because I am living on a sailing boat, but the monthly challenges are so great to watch! I try only some of them here on the boat because it’s a bit dodgy, but will have so much fun catching up once I am a land based mammal again.

      • #7167
        Silks Stars Team

        That’s so cool! Enjoy your time and we look forward to seeing your updates soon!

    • #7661

      Hi team. Silks Stars member from the start, but slow to post something here. I’ve been doing silks for around 5 years, so I guess late 2016! It was an amazing thing to emerge back into the world with after having 2 children. It provides me with a space for creativity, a space to dance, better health, great inclusive community, and meditation in a way – because when I’m at circus my mind is at circus and nowhere else. I train at an amazing space here in New Zealand, called The Circus Hub. I’m constantly inspired by all the other apparatus and what people do on them, but I haven’t really strayed away from silks yet. I’ve really enjoyed the way Silks Stars has encouraged me to create mini performances and think about how I can move on the silks and interpret things in my way.

      Name: Carolyn
      Location: Wellington, New Zealand
      Main Apparatus: Silks
      Insta: @littleccreative

    • #8256

      Hi everyone

      Super excited to be joining the program, I’ve been hoping to sign up for the last year but just kept missing the dates! Really looking forward to joining this community of artists and finally start learning some of these amazing sequences I keep seeing on Instagram haha

      😀 Name: Beatrice/Bea (she/her)
      🌃 Location: Canberra, Australia
      🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks/Lyra (training for about 3yrs)
      👨‍💻 Insta: @beatriceduong

    • #8319

      Hi there! I caught the signup just in the nick of time! I’m happy to meet you all and learn as much as I can…thanks for the opportunity!

      Name: Megan (she/her)
      Location: Santa Barbara, CA
      Insta: @jreactionfitness

      • #8428
        Silks Stars Team

        Wonderful, welcome Megan! Let us know if you have any questions as you look around the site!

    • #8679


      I’m excited to join this group:

      Name: Kym (she/her)
      Location: flagstaff az
      Main apparatus: lyra (and silks)
      Instagram: @kymcrow

    • #8903

      Hi – finally got round to joining having been inspired for a while.
      Name: Elly (she/her pronouns)
      Location: Hastings, UK
      Apparatus: silks, Lyra and sling. (Also ground circus juggling/unicycle)
      Insta @elly_aerialjourney

    • #9406

      Hi friends! SO excited to be here. I have been a member for a few months now, but I have just been dabbling. It has been challenging to fine consistency in my personal practice (I am an aerial and dance instructor, so developing curriculum takes most of my time in the studio). My goal is to spend more *me time* in this space! I just started working on the January challenge because it looked so fun.

      My name is: Hanna (pronounced hah-na, or like Hana, Maui)
      Location: Ashland, Oregon
      Main Apparatus: Silks and Sling, and anything doubles!
      Instaglam: @hanna.winters

    • #9928

      Hi Everyone! So excited to start learning and exploring this program with you all 🙂

      Name: Teodora, but everyone calls me Tera (she/Her)
      Location: Houston, TX, USA
      Main Apparatus: Silks and Lyra-ish
      (I also do a lot of fire stuff 🔥)
      IG: @terabravo, @bravo_aerial

    • #10534

      Hi everyone!
      Looking forward to this so much, I joined last month but this is my first month attempting the monthly challenge. I’m so excited!

      Name:Karen (she/her)
      Location: Adelaide, Australia
      Main apparatus: Silks (also do some straps, trapeze and pole dance)

      • #11572
        Silks Stars Team

        It’s great having you with us Karen! Yay for Radelaide! 😉

    • #11679

      Hi everyone! Super excited to be apart of this amazing program. I am 18 years old and have been doing Aerial Arts for around 4 years now!

      Name: Adaelia
      Main Apparatus: Straight Silks and Hammock
      Instagram: Aerial_Adaelia

      • #11683
        Silks Stars Team

        Welcome Adaelia! We are excited to have you with us!

    • #11970

      Hi you all, I am Katharina from Germany. I started doing silks September a year ago aged 41 and with no acrobatic, dance or other background whatsoever. I wish I had discovered it 20 years earlier! But better late than never, enjoying it tremendously. Coaching opportunities where I live a rather restricted, therefore I joined SilkStars to find new inspirations to grow. I can do all the fundamentals, but the monthly challenges are extremely challenging for me!!!

      Instagram: katharinatrabert

      • This reply was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by Katharina.
    • #12203

      Hi everyone. I am late to join the SilkStars community but happy to have found the group. I grew up performing in a youth circus in Peru, IN but never had the opportunity to train silks. Found a studio about two years ago and have been enjoying every minute of aerial time ever since. I cross train into double trapeze and flying trapeze. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and being challenged with the monthly sequences.
      Name: Eric
      Location: Indianapolis, IN
      Main Apparatus: Silks & Double Trapeze
      Instagram: pepperdr11 and theindyduo

    • #12219
      Silks Stars Team

      Hello Eric, welcome to Silks Stars!

    • #13057

      Hey I’m Natasha. I’m excited to be starting this program and I look forward to being part of this fantastic and global aerial community!

      Name: Natasha
      Location: Dallas, TX
      Main Apparatus: Silks (I have tried others, but my heart is in the silks)
      Insta: @nattycupps

    • #13180

      Hi all!
      My name is Lili and I’m so excited to be a part of the Silk Stars community! Looking forward to learning and growing along with everyone!

      Name: Lili
      Location: Orlando, Florida
      Apparatus: Silks (my first love) but I also love lyra, hammock, and sway-pole
      Insta: @littlelili85

    • #13193
      Silks Stars Team

      Hello Lili, welcome to Silks Stars!

    • #13227

      Hi everyone! My name is Eva and I am tuning in to this amazing community from Sweden. Looking forward to my journey here and see it as a wonderful chance to challenge myself in my artistry. Feel free to connect on Instagram, I would love to get in touch with fellow aerialists!

      Name: Eva
      Location: Sweden
      Apparatus: Silks (and pole)
      Insta: @evaerials

    • #13901

      Hi everyone! I’ve been watching Silks Stars from the outside for a long time and an so excited to finally join! I lost a lot of my motivation to train for myself when I started teaching at my local studio, so I’m excited to just be a student again!

      Name: Kelsey (she/her)
      Location: northern Virginia
      Apparatus: silks and flying trapeze
      Insta: @marti.mcflying

    • #14784
      Silks Stars Team

      Welcome new Silks Stars members, we are so excited that you are here! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community 🙂

    • #14841

      Hi all, newbie here. My name is Elizabeth; I joined Silks Stars because about a year after a cross-country move I never really found my training rhythm.

      I love fabric theory and experimentation, I’m a giant nerd, and I’m excited to feel connected to a bigger community online and fall back in love with silks!

      Name: Elizabeth (she/her)
      Location: Oklahoma City
      Apparatus: Silks, Straps
      Insta: @elfinnflight

    • #15169

      Hello y’all, as they say here in Charleston SC where I live. My name is Kari and I’ve been doing silks for about 10 years, just for fun, but I love it! I’m excited to try some of these combos, but unfortunately I have limited rig time. I’m hoping to do more this fall/winter. Cheers!

      Name: Kari (she/her)
      Location: Charleston SC
      Apparatus: silks
      Insta: oboek1

    • #15598

      Hi, everyone! I came upon Womack and Bowman via Instagram and then a teacher at our studio turned me onto Silks Stars. I’ve been a member a couple of months but just now starting to interact. Posted my first monthly challenge and am so excited to keep learning with you all! This is an amazing group of aerialists and seeing everyone’s videos is super fun.

      Name: Jennifer (or Jen) — she/her
      Location: Fort Collins, CO
      Apparatus: silks, sling, lyra (but silks will always be my first love)
      Insta: @jnastu55

    • #16256

      Hello from Switzerland
      Excited that I’m finally a part of silksstars as well! Have been thinking quite a while if I should join in. Excited to get started & to work alongside other aerialist from all around the globe on the same challenges.
      Apparatus: Silk
      Name: Serah


    • #16282

      😀 Name: Giuli
      🌃 Location: Stuttgart, Germany
      🤸‍♂️ Apparatus: Silks (Main), Hoop (Starting)
      👨‍💻 Insta: @flying.giuli

    • #16505

      I just recently joined and am so excited to be here!!
      Name: Cacia (phonetically: Cash-Ah)
      Location: Toronto, Canada
      Apparatus: Silks, straps and a bit of lyra
      Insta: @morestableintheair

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