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      In practicing this month’s challenge during the infinity salto section things in the nether region seem kind of prone to getting snagged.
      What do other guys do about this? Do people use dance belts? Anything to recommend?

      I realize this is an awkward topic but I don’t really know where else to ask this sort of thing 😅

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      Hi Luke, I am not a guy but I had a few male colleagues aerialists😅 For silks they always used a dance belt, for performance and also for practice. I can recommend the one from ballet brand Sansha. But I am sure from other ballet brands will be fine too. I hope it helps 🙂

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        Ahh thank you!! This is super helpful I’ll check out Sansha then 😄

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      Silks Stars Team

      Hi Luke! Yes, second that recommendation for a dance belt. Also two layers of leggings helps too. For the continuous cartwheels it also helps to wrap
      The double star leg wrap an inch or so lower on the leg (towards the knee) to give a little extra space. -Brett

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        Sounds great, thanks for the tips Brett!

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