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      Well, this is embarrassing…My inconsistent training during the pandemic (and my heavier focus on hoop in the last few years) has resulted in me regularly losing grip while I get my leg/foot through in preparation for cartwheel. Anyone else have this issue? And did you do something to fix it (besides work on your grip strength)?

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      I have an issue with that section just literally getting my foot through…. I find a closer bend of the leg (I call it “chicken-winging”) to bring the leg through helps and I also rosin up my hands generously! Hope that helps!

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      Silks Stars Team

      Hi Hila,

      You may want to try reaching up a bit higher with your grip when threading the knee through. Then lean all the way back from there to create right amount of space for the knee to get through. You can always slide the top hand down a bit more if needed but I like to start with that top hand very high first, If the hand is too low it is much harder to grip! -Brett

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      Thanks guys! Well, didn’t really have opportunity to work on it again. So I loaded the one video where I succeeded. Not my best video in other ways, but at least I got through the choreo…

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