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      Silks Stars Team

      Are you looking to buy or sell aerial equipment, rigs, clothing or other aerial related products? This is the place to share links, chat and ask for recommendations. Feel free to self promote but please be respectful and kind.

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      This is such a great idea! I’m super crafty, and have been working on getting an Etsy shop set up (though my focus for that is more on wedding related items). If anyone is looking for something aerial-related that they’d like to have made please give me a shout out I’d be happy to consult and work with you and share ideas!

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      Hello! Could somebody recommend a shop in Europe that sells durable clothing for silks?
      Two of my leggings got ripped during the August challenge 🙁

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      It’s time to retire my rig and get a new one. If you love (or don’t love) yours, please share your thoughts and opinions with me!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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