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Hello everyone! Very excited to be back at silk stars after missing last month (I was away camping for most of Jan so couldn’t get into a studio).

I had a go tonight and am really enjoying the sequence, I think two main areas I’m struggling with are similar to others:

1. Flamenco grip to cross back – I get stuck with the cross at the neck and can’t get my shoulders through. Suspect it might be a combination of not pulling up enough, and maybe not arching my upper back enough? Sometimes I’m able to get one shoulder through, but then the other one gets stuck! Any tips would be very welcome.

2. After the drop, the silk feels like it’s really squeezing my calf and not sliding down to the ankle. It feels like that might be occurring because I’m flexing too hard – I know Sarah mentions not to point until you’re holding the poles coming back up to exit, but I’m wondering whether it would work to point once I’m in the hang so the silk slides down further? Or whether it doesn’t matter if it stays on the calf (other than being a bit uncomfortable, it doesn’t really affect anything).

Here’s my best take for the night.

Thanks for another super fun challenge!

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