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Hi team. Silks Stars member from the start, but slow to post something here. I’ve been doing silks for around 5 years, so I guess late 2016! It was an amazing thing to emerge back into the world with after having 2 children. It provides me with a space for creativity, a space to dance, better health, great inclusive community, and meditation in a way – because when I’m at circus my mind is at circus and nowhere else. I train at an amazing space here in New Zealand, called The Circus Hub. I’m constantly inspired by all the other apparatus and what people do on them, but I haven’t really strayed away from silks yet. I’ve really enjoyed the way Silks Stars has encouraged me to create mini performances and think about how I can move on the silks and interpret things in my way.

Name: Carolyn
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Main Apparatus: Silks
Insta: @littleccreative