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Hi. I look forward to your coaching…
1) With my Silks height, I am able to do the trick where you plank then knee drop. Therefore, I am planning to do the regular-sized-rig sequence, but I will end here: knee drop / pike/ straddle down. Please confirm this is fine.
2) I tried the first part of the sequence. Please see my video to see what is wrong (note: tried it low first). After creating the loops around my feet, what’s your guide on knowing how far apart the 2 legs should be positioned before I start to rotate forward?
3) To maintain the looped tension while rotating, should it be more about pushing with the feet or pulling with my hands?
4) It seems I was not fully upright yet as I grabbed the poles. Should I be arching at a certain point?
5) After the knees/feet go through the loops, I tried the flip back action.. but no success. The more I try, the more “locked” I become as I end up with a back balance. It would be cool to have the power and technique to do it your way. Otherwise, I was thinking of just continuing to hold the poles to help me be able to straddle back.

Thanks for this month’s challenge.