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Hi team. So good – I’m back on the silks after our lockdown. I sure did notice the forearms and grip strength but it’s already beginning to come back. I’ve had a go at this month’s challenge and I would love some general feedback, and also any tips on 1. The bit after you remove the footlock and before the drop where you scoop the leg under the silk and hook it round for the drop feeling less awkward (it’s the way both legs are on one side of the silk that feels odd) 2. the drop – is it a drop? Or is it a controlled slide? Do we let go – and what bits do we let go of? 3. after the drop when you take the hooked leg off and as you straddle and twist the whole body back to crochet your leg – it feels precarious and awkward, not well balanced – any tips here? Thanks 🙂