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I had a chance to work on the mini rig sequence again the other day and I think it’s getting smoother. I’ve found that it’s easier for me to take off the footlock if I use a half lock instead of a figure 8, though I’m still working on making that part more graceful. The main thing I’m struggling with (besides the transition to the vertical split, but that’s mostly a flexibility issue) is getting stuck and needing to adjust/pull more slack after putting the tail over my right shoulder as I drop back before threading through and inverting. I know the answer to this is “use more slack” but is there a good way to make sure I have enough without needing to adjust? Thanks!

Also–I’ve been having a problem where I try to post in the thread, but my post never actually shows up even though the thing at the top says it was last updated by me, so I’m not sure if anyone can actually see what I post. I’m not sure if anyone else has been having this issue, but if you see me posting the same thing multiple times that’s why 🙂