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    Hi there Silks Stars!

    I’m really trying. REALLY! I’m going to go wash my silks today to see if that helps, but I just have never had so many problems with a challenge before!

    1 – I can’t drop cleanly EVER (Part of it is that I am in a super humid climate and there’s not much I can do about that, but it’s really frustrating. Also painful because it grips my waist so tightly.

    2 – I can’t help piking and also keeping my legs straight during the “turn-drop” and sometimes my arms go through the middle of the silks and I get stuck and then it is REALLY painful! I end up piled forward and struggling to get around.

    3 – Then, because the silks are always really to the right, I can’t get a clean kick to go into the bird plus my head sticks into the fabric.

    But I’m not going to give up! At risk of embarrassing myself, I thought I could send a video of what is happening and get your thoughts because I’m pretty frustrated.