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Hi guys,
I am struggling to have enough fabric for Rainbow Marchenko and I am thinking of buying myself a new longer silk. I would love to hear your recommendations so I can do the Rainbow Machenko and also Kimono drop on a new silk (previous challenge which I also couldn’t do due to my short silks).

I have filmed myself doing Marchenko on my current silks here My current set up is a 8m silks (so 4m in height). I lowered my rigging point to have 3-4 feet of spare silk on the floor as per Rachel recommendation in the video. It is not enough for me as you will see in the video. Also my silks are low stretch, which doesn’t help. Overall, I am too low in the air anyway and still don’t even have enough spare tail to support me in Marchenko.

Finally, it would also help me if you can tell how long is Rachel’s spare tail on the floor in the July’s video? The tail seems longer than 3-4 feet recommended. it looks like a good extra length and would help me to know.

I would appreciate your advice. Sorry to post a rigging/new silks purchase question here but it came out from this monthly challenge 🙂 I would love to be able to do it on a new silk!