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Silks Stars Team

    Hi Karen, that is very odd that you’re not able to post the URL code of your video into a comment in the forum! Does it not let you submit your comment or does the link not show up once you post your comment?

    Here is the URL code of your most recent video you uploaded:
    Is this the same URL code you copied and tried to paste into a comment?

    It’s also not necessary to post a link to your video in a comment in order for other members/us to see it. The community can still see your video by clicking your username and then clicking your media. So in the future if you ask questions etc in a comment on the forum, and want to refer to your recent upload, you could mention to check out your recent upload, and we can all go through your profile instead of using a direct link, it’s just a couple extra clicks so no biggy for us 😛