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Hi team. I’ve given this a go. I love it. But I have so many humorous moments with it. I realised it matters which direction you turn after you cross the silks and are coming through. Knot up number one. Turn the other way, tick, fixed. Then I find it hard to find the correct loop for my feet to fit into to push out into the split – so much fabric all looping around. Is that just practice? Then in the split my back leg keeps slipping lower, which is a bit funny. I tried the drop tentatively and turned out to the arabesque then did something funky and ended up in a knee belay! (the first time I turned the wrong way and ended up even more knotted). I was happy with the accidental belay find, but will try and figure out how to not do it too. Would you be able to look at my video? I think I need a number of hints throughout the sequence. Thank you.