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Silks Stars Team

    These are great questions Elliana! This is for sure a heavy grip/forearm combo, and even more so when first learning it, but it’s looking awesome on you already!

    1) As long as they are crossed you are fine! No need to uncross and re-cross, the silks can be crossed either direction.
    2) The most important thing is that the wrap stays high on the thigh after the split. So pretty much bend/lift your knees towards the chest right away as you pull up , and make sure to pull all the way up so your elbows are your side before inverting. Right now it looks like you are inverting as you’re pulling up. It’s definitely a strength moment. Your wraps were correct, but If you are ever unsure of your wraps, just keep your hands on as you slide down into the slack drop to walk it down.
    3) Massage your forearms and take rest days. Taking a day or two off in between working on this combo is super helpful when first learning it. Burning out is frustrating, so be sure to pace yourself and give yourself a longer timeline (if you can) to refine this one. The best REST point is the side lean before standing up to cross the poles. Take an extra few seconds there to rest. The other rest moment is right before you go into the split. Try standing really centered over your bottom leg so you can balance there. If you’re standing balanced and your bottom foot is secure, you can and loosen your grip there (but don’t remove your hands away completely) for a moment before pulling up and stepping in the loops.