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Participant Hi all! I swear this time I thought I couldn’t do it 😅😅😅 I’m so happy that I managed to fo the video and figure out this entry! This entry was really a huge challenge for me, I was training alone and sometimes the silks opened crossed and I couldn’t understand why… that was the most frustrating and struggling experience! But finally, on the last day I could finally understand what I was doing wrong! And that’s why I’m so grateful for you Silks Stars. Until last minute I didn’t give up, sometimes I trust myself more then others, and why was down, I asked, why, why am I doing this. The answer came clear: because I love aerials and because I can! So I’ll work until I’m exhausted! I’m happy, confident again! A million thanks to all of you for your sharing ❤ Keep strong, healthy and happy! 😍🥰😘🙏