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Hi guys! So I’m trying to fit the mini-rig version onto my micro-rig and it has proven….challenging. I’m thinking I will probably end the sequence at the pseudo-mermaid pose (right before bringing my left leg through for the crochet rotation) so I don’t end up literally on the floor like I do in my practice video lol. I’m still trying to smooth out the wraps/transitions a bit more, but the main issue I’ve been having (besides lack of space) is that tail management is a bit awkward/difficult so close to the ground since gravity isn’t pulling the excess fabric away from me so it bunches up a lot. Do you have any tips for that, or any other feedback? Also, do my hot pink silks qualify as “red” for the Valentine’s Day bonus star? I might have a red workout top buried somewhere that I can wear but overall I’m much more of a pink kinda girl than red 🙂


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