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1. One Arm Handstand Issues:
(i) A solid portion of my weight is in the arm holding the pole (although, you will see other videos where I am “testing” letting go). I can’t seem to find where the balance points are (yet). How do you balance the weight? Is it truly in just the left arm? Or is part of the weight balanced from the “front” leg pushing against the silk? (see video)
(ii) Feeling “bottom” heavy and getting out of alignment. Also, sometimes the left leg dips too far down and creates an “off balance” feel. It seems like I am not straight up and down. In this video, you will see that I tried to correct it by pushing my pelvis forward and squeezing my butt, but I still feel like I am at an angle vs. a perfect 180.
(iii) The left side tail is popping off the one arm handstand – should it? This was my 3rd full run through (~0:10), so still a mess, but can show the issue.

2. Back Balance Issues:
(i) I am getting “thrown out” of the back balance. At one point in the video, you will see I am “fighting” to get back into the correct position. How do I stay in that position long enough to swing the tail behind me?
(ii) I tried to create a modification where I pull out the looped hand much earlier to adjust into the back balance (see video ~0:38). I *think* this is safe because it is tight and I have done it a couple of times now. But, it is a “handsy” modification. I could choreograph that in, so you can’t tell, but any other ideas?

3. Triangle Split: My triangle (~1:16) looks like isosceles. Yours is more equilateral. I am fighting just for an isosceles. Maybe this is a flexibility issue? Or something else?

4. Rib Cinch: I don’t know if my boobs caught me or you can actually “fall out” of this, but it scared me the first time. Does it have too much slack? Or can you actually fall out?

Of note, I worked on controlling the exit in the “3rd full run through video” this time. Thanks for that feedback from last month’s video. I think a controlled exit looks MUCH better. I think that is it now. LOL. I won’t be able to attend the live Q&A session, but I will watch the replay.

Thanks SO much!
nc 🙂

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