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Silks Stars Team

Hey Janice! These look great. Luckily, we need both legs to get this hip key to roll. One thing you can do to condition the lift of the right leg are inner thigh lifts lying on your side. Tania did these in her ground workout called Hip Warmer, timestamp approx 7:43. Sometimes having a slightly sore muscle lets you know when you are activating it 😉
When you start belly up, straddle wide, it may work for you to think about the left leg driving the right leg out of the way. As the left leg crosses down, the right leg with that solid inner thigh lift, kicks up. At the height of the right leg lifting up, twist your torso, chest and eyes to the sky. There can be a slight ‘one’ ‘two’ of the hips spiraling and then the chest to get the fabric across the back without using the shoulder. It’s hard to keep the chest horizontal if the legs stay in the straddle while you are belly down, so the lift of the right leg to initiate the turn can be pretty key. You are on the path, keep going! Happy training!