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Thanks to Zoe for that comprehensive set of info on how to do a horizontal hip key roll up. I know them all in my mind, but the body just cannot execute 🙁 I’d appreciate for team-SilksStars to give feedback on my recent training video.

I had 16 multiple attempts today but I shared 2 attempts which show best where I struggle:

1) After the hip key to the right, I get tempted to add momentum with my left leg than the right leg. If I do this, I am able to reach the pole with my right. How do I actively use the right leg instead? Any conditioning for that?
2) When I purposely drive with my right leg, I can feel the natural twisting motion and pinching to the correct part (between my left hip and rib cage), but I cannot complete the twist to get my belly button to face the ceiling 🙁

Would appreciate feedback. Thanks.