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Silks Stars Team

Hey Jill, glad to hear the Q&A was so helpful. Your pathway looks great. And I would bet those brakes are gravity. Since we are rolling up the fabric, it takes some power! Momentum or strength, your power has to be more. You may feel like you are doing all you can, and that is completely normal. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it, you know?!? 😉 Let’s say the next goal of the roll up is to feel the pole along the back of your pelvis, what does it take to breakthrough to feel that sensation rather than the pathway you now know? Do you think about where your hips are pointing? Where do you look? If you look out like at this moment of pause, is it moving in the direction of the rotation or in opposition to it? Can changing that move us out of our movement pattern ruts? These are the big aerial silks questions! Happy training!