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Hi! I have a question regarding the drop. In the link below I am doing the combo in the rope but the exact same happens in the silks: my male parts get caught by the knot (ouch!). In the video I was walking it down to understand the dynamics of the drop. And indeed, during the drop the knot slides from one thigh to the other through the crotch area and since there is no slack, my male parts get caught every time I tried it (even when wearing two dance belts). I wonder… is there any way to position my body to avoid a painful injury? If not, is it ok if I modify the drop? A quick idea crossing my mind would be to complete the rollup and then roll out of the hip key rollup to end up in a front balance, for instance. Any advice is very welcome! I love the minimalistic preparation of this drop after the hip key roll up but I am afraid I wont be able to do it with my current body.
Thanks a lot!