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Silks Stars Team

Hey Jill! You have got this!
Things that are available to you before the Q&A and the tips and tricks Zoe has developed for this particular sequence:
The Front Balance video under Foundations>Strengths. Note how far past Rachel’s thigh her bottom hand is. While her bottom hand can do it without the top, you can think about the bottom hand pressing as the top hand pulls/long arm hangs for how to support your body.
The C-Shaping Workshop from Brandon under the Ground Workouts, good foundation for range of motion and thinking of length.
And since the front balance requires such a big push and we mostly pull, the Handstand Fundamentals and Shoulder Clinic to work those shoulders in a press and keep them happy.
Zoe’s fancy entry takes her to a Hip Key with the top leg through the middle, so you don’t need the first part to be successful just yet to work the rest on this flow. We are rooting for you! And will see if Zoe has sneaky little details to make this work.