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I uploaded my first video for the January Challenge! And now I’m a bit worried that I didn’t do it right! Because it’s the end of the month and I just joined, I opted for the “mini rig” version (entrance and ornament split) with the back dive… wondering if that is okay? I am also working on VERY new extra stretchy and thick fabric so I’ve been finding this combo quite challenging. I submitted using my studios silks which are a bit thinner and more worn out (so not as bouncy) and it made it so I was able to actually fully rotate into the chair without grabbing the post haha. Mine were not sliding through at all (they don’t like hands free wheel downs right now either). Anyway I just wanted to make sure the modification is okay even though I still did the full drop…. Or should I have just done the walk down for the full sequence for the mini rig?

Thanks in advance!