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Silks Stars Team

Great questions, Jill! The wrap wants to be around the waist with the bite or the cross of the wrap fully behind you and above the pelvis on the back. From the slide to get the wrap above the hips from the chair sit, think about the toes going up to the ceiling and the chest going down as the cross of the wrap travels to behind the back. It’s a variation of doing a wheel down but on a diagonal on purpose. It can be ‘exciting’ for people with a center of gravity in the hips and longer legs. The backline of the body really has to stay activated to keep the hips open because if you fold forward before the bow shape, it can take lots of work and power to get those legs back up over head! Brett’s cue to think about the hips pressing forward to move the chair sit wrap up to the waist can be used the whole way into that belly down, bow shape. Happy training!