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Silks Stars Team

Good question, Tania most likely has the most in depth information about this particular drop but we can cover the broad technique for front to side rotation drops. For drops that change direction, you typically do not hold the same body position the whole time. Yes, the core is activated, the hips are engaged for the landing. When you release the pole to begin the first part of the drop, the legs kick forward to slow the rotation down. This is how you ‘gain time’ to eventually catch the tail rather than hold it from the beginning. And it slows the rotation down so you can then turn for the next sideways part of the drop. This drop seems to act less like a front dive on top of a star wrap, which the timing for the kick of the legs forward to opening the hips back to the hollow body position is quick, but more like a hip key thread through drop that some people call pantelones. For this drop, you keep the legs hinged forward at the hips a bit longer to feel the wrap land strong at the front of the hips before the small sideways part of the rotation. As you find comfort with the drop, you can pop the sideways part to give it that great twist Tania has in the demo. Keep strong tension in your landing with the tail, there is slide possibilities in the final wrap, hence the use of the free leg to add more friction for the sit up. Happy training!