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Silks Stars Team

@ksamuelscrow – Yes! You can certainly practice the lock first before building the drop on top, like @aerial.borealis suggested. How you would do this is pause after hooking the knee over both poles. Instead of climbing up, build the lock around the free leg. Check in with knowing you have built the correct lock as often as you need to build your confidence. Then try the lock after climbing up for one knee hook. You can pause this drop by straightening and bending the leg between each wrap. So in essence, you have three small wraps coming off to make the full drop, and you can pause between each one! And, if you are at the top of the drop and for whatever reason you need an exit without the drop, you can grab under the knee of the hooked leg with the opposite arm so you can release the knee hook while still having a hand on to lower yourself down as needed. Make sure you keep control of the tails while you walk it down by keeping them over your shoulder so you don’t end up with any surprise slack as you exit using your hands. Happy training!