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G’day everyone,

I’m Vanessa (from Poland). I’m living in Cologne, Germany, right now, enjoying the last sunny days outside doing a little bit of outdoor silks training 🙂 My aerial journey startet about a year and half ago and I got completely addicted to it, which is quite funny, since I have never done much sports, but well, we will all get there eventually 🙂
I got really interested in SilkStars because of its focus on choreography/performance. The aerial silk courses I’ve visited consisted of a new move each time, maybe a little combination, that you practised once and forgot about straight after. That’s what got me into pole, where we have an instructor who focuses a lot on perfecting moves and even dancing them to music. I was trying to do the same during my own training on the silks, but it turned out to be much harder than I thought (esp. compared to pole, where you dont get entangled and you’re not working with an appartatus that sometimes seems to have its own mind), which is why I was so excited to read up about SilkStars. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Name: Vanessa
Location: Cologne, Germany
Preferred apparatus: SILKS, (flying) pole
IG: airlerina