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Hey everyone! I’m so excited about every aspect of this online community: the people from all over the world, the content, the stars, all of it! I’ve switched from training in studios surrounded by supportive friends and instructors with lots of knowledge, to training on my own in my backyard (battling lots of FL heat and rain recently). It’s been a struggle to say the least, so I’ll take all of the motivation, accountability, structure, and peer support that I can get at this point haha 😛 I took the Emerge workshop during quarantine, and it was so much fun and so inspiring! Rachel and Brett are so good at explaining and making you forget that you’re not there in their studio. I want to recommend to anyone transitioning to learning online for the first time like I was: watch the videos many times, in slow motion even, and take A LOT of very detailed notes before trying the trick on your own. I found not having the instructor physically there when you’re trying a trick for the first time is much less difficult this way. Start a physical/digital folder or notebook now! Happy flying my fellow silk stars! <3

Name: Kittie (she/her)
Location: St. Pete, Florida, US
Apparatus: silks mainly, also lyra and rope
IG: kittiekittie.bangbang