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Hi, I’m Hila!

Thank you so much for starting this thread, what a great idea! Great to meet everyone!

I got hooked one day when I happened to turn the wrong way after getting a pedicure and saw Rachel teaching a bunch of kids through a window. I took the last spot in the only adult class the studio offered (which happened to be an advanced silks class, haha). This was some years back soon after having a baby, and I’m super happy to be working with Rachel and Brett again!

Other than this, I live a very full life–5 fish, 2 kids (now home schooling), 2 cats, 1 husband, 1 mouse, 1 full time job (Public Health/Safety position at an Aerospace company), 1 college course….

Location: Los Angeles, CA by way of Italy and Israel

Main Apparatus: Hoop