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First of all thanks a lot for bringing such a dynamic sequence to silksstars 🙂 I am loving it. I have a comment and a question:
1. My comment: I enjoy the sequence so much that within the first days of the month I was obsessively practising with bad technique and I hurt my floating back rib… ouch 🙁 probably not being mindful when exiting the s-wraps or doing too many beats when already tired. The thing is that it still hurts when I put pressure on it and my red silk is so wide it always puts pressure in the painful spot. I tried doing the s-wrap lower on my hip bones but then either it was sliding during the beats putting extra pressure or the kip up was not happening. This is the reason why I am using a rope at the moment. The rope avoids at all times the painful spot. I hope to be able to transfer the combo to the silks but honestly I am not sure how long my rib will take to heal properly.
2. My question: I am now incorporating the back dive after the kip up and I am noticing some not so optimal landings for the cartwheel. In the below video, for instance u can see that the wrapping got really high; close to my armpit which makes it more difficult to move in the beat… I feel that more control is required in the back dive to grab sooner the pole so that the wrapping stays closer to the waist. Is this making any sense to you? Any other tips? Thanks a lot!