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    Hi! First time commenting! woohoo!

    This combo looks so cool and I really want to get it! But I’m not super experienced/confident, practicing alone (anyone from Kauai, HI here wanna practice together??), and really don’t want to fall on my face!

    So I’m having some trouble getting the guts to do the kick-up. I can get into the start position but when I try it I just bend in the middle. Do you have any advice for a newbie? Maybe a way to try it closer to the ground? Or is this like a back and ab strength kind of thing? I’ve been trying the warm-up but just kind of slip into a knee hang after rotating forward. I do have a long torso and feel like the balance point isn’t on the hips. Should I have the silk more around my tummy?

    Thanks in advance! 😀 😀 😀