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Hello, lovely people! I am excited to be back in the air at long last with you all 🙂 I enjoyed the Emerge training from a few months ago, finally managed to get myself a rig after long last, and am excited to learn some things new things. I am curious to see what monthly challenges are planned for the winter months (kind of intrigued by what creativity I will need to continue flying with a rig during Michigan winter), and what new workouts/stretches there may be that may help me actually get some semblance of splits or straighter legs 😛
😀 Name / pro-nouns: Halene (phonetically: ‘huh-lene’), she/her/hers
🌃 Location: Ann Arbor, MI
🤸‍♂️ Main Apparatus: Silks and lyra
👨‍💻 Insta: @ladystratosphere, but nothing on it at the moment…I’m late to the game