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    Hello! Here’s my best attempt, from my second practice session tonight. I’m pretty happy with how it’s feeling so far, and have to say I especially loved the drills this month! Was a bit worried about the wrist lock sequence as I have a janky right shoulder, but after doing the ground workout and shoulder drills, everything feels super happy even after running through the sequence multiple times. Thank you Brandon!

    Couple of comments/questions:

    1. Wrist lock – I’m still really struggling to get the lock on cleanly. This is probably mostly just needing more practice, but I also feel like I’ll fall out of the thigh lock if I reach up higher or use my other hand to help get the lock. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

    2. Sioux Sioux – when initially doing the twist I got knee pain in my supporting leg, though this went away with turning the supporting leg out more and really leaning down to get the pole across my hips rather than back. Is there anything else i should pay attention to or avoid to prevent this pain?

    3. The tricky part – like Yvan, I struggled with the ronde de jamb and feeling like I had enough space. I found it worked better when I really pushed back with my glutes, then crunched sideways to make more space, however it’s definitely still not clean. Sometimes my foot also gets stuck in the tension lock (example in video). Any tips would be wonderful!

    I’m sure I’ll have more questions (esp once I get up to refining the drop) but this has already been so much fun to play with. Thanks again!