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Participant Hi! So… we’re in lockdown here in Macau… I was really down for not being able to do silks stars challenge this month… until I give it a try at home 😅 However some adaptations were needed: no swivel and no mat just because I need all the cm I can get, no knee hang before the pull over as my head was on the floor everytime I tried it… and it was hard to move but I’m happy I did it! Last night when kids and hubby were asleep, that’s why the sound is really bad, I placed my phone in a low volume close to my camera… also the light is “soft” …at the end, the only thing I regret is had waited until yesterday night to trust I could do this so near the floor! Thank you Silks Stars for this challenge and all this emotional and aerial process that help me to grow (hopefuly, ah ah ) Wish you all to fly safe and happy! 😘😘🙌