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Mercury in retrograde got me so good this time, guys! May was seriously crazy/stressfull but still exciting/great. I landed one of the biggest gigs of my aerial career, but I had 2 weeks to prepare, and it had to be on my secondary apparatus, lyra. Don’t worry, I killed it and had a blast, but I had very little time for the Silks Stars submission during the second half of the month. I told myself I would get a better video with the couple of days I had at the very end of the month after my gig, but I busted my hand open during my last performance of the weekend and had to give aerial a rest for a few days. On the last day of May, I thought I had submitted the best video I had recorded from working on the sequence earlier in the month. I’ve been checking back for the last 5 days to see what stars reward I earned, only to find today I somehow never uploaded a video at all. Well, I finally made sure it was actually posted and here it is. Trying so hard not to beat myself up right now haha