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Silks Stars Team

Hi Beatrice, great start!

1) try facing the right knee that’s bent until the tails settle, and then really scoop the left hip back, almost like you’re going to do an arabesque with it in order to pick up the tail higher up on the left leg. Once you catch the tail you can tilt the pelvis forward to help the tail slide up the left leg further. Will go over this motion more at the live Q&A on Tuesday.

2) this will get much smoother with repetition.

3) a smaller belay loop is helpful for the faux flag. Try not to put much weight into the belay loop when lowering in the skin the cat and grab the tail a bit earlier to keep the loop smaller. When entering the Faux flag – try to prevent your pelvis from going too far over. Try Lowering into it slowly from a vertical/candlestick position focusing on keeping the chest as low as possible (it will shift towards the sky as you lower the hips but keep leaning your weight in the upper body down towards the ground the entire time as that’s key to the balance.