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Hi. And Merry Christmas! I’m slow getting this one going. Would you be able to have a look at the video. It’s pieced together as I can’t do the whole thing as a whole yet

Rollup: I found the roll up on the ground is getting better (still keen on any hints though!) but once I get in the air after the climb it feels quite different. It feels much less stable and I notice the wrap is way down at my ankle which I think decreases stability. Is there a way of having the wrap a little higher when you’re doing it in the air?
Entrance to angel roll in the air: I’ve only just tried the entrance to angel roll via corkscrew in the air today as I’ve still been a bit cautious of my ribs which are much better but still a little tender sometimes. But the balance felt very tricky when you are wrapping the arm for angel roll.
Beats: Any hints on the beats would be most welcome. I’m finding them very hard to invert in.
Thanks team!