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Silks Stars Team

Hi Beatrice! Very nice work so far.
1) Looks like your hips are slightly above your wrapped foot, and that may be why its higher on your leg than you’d like. Try and get your hip and foot as parallel as possible.
2) Definitely incorporate arching and leg dragging, as Brandon advised. That will keep your body weight closer to your center, for more stability. In terms of the “fear factor”- practice with a spotter, squeeze as tight as possible, be super warm, and do it when you’re fresh. Drill it drill it drill it.

For the beats to belay-
Don’t allow a pike to happen. Ideally, you want a long, tight body line from your lower ribs all the way to your toes. Like a board. Don’t let your knees bend to the back, and don’t allow a hip crease to the front. That will give you a more powerful beat to get into the pullover. Let us know how it goes!